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Fri, 27 Jun 2014 - Fri, 18 Jul 2014

Location WerkStadt, Emser Straße 124, 12051 Berlin

48 Stunden Neukölln 2014

I Was Born To Rage Against Them

48 hours Neukölln is an art festival in the locality of the same name. Within 48 hours about 300 cultural institutions and societies display the diversity of Neukölln's artistic potential.


Artwork for the Festival in WerkStadt:
"I was born to rage against them" (Live Painting)

Interactive Wall painting­ "I Was Born to Rage against Them“

Coming out of the assumption that protest in itself is a selfless act of moral justice, the project is aimed to show that in order to act, one must not only set aside time and effort, but also,one must be willing to risk his or her own privacy, personal or working relationships and in some cases even freedom or physical well being. the exhibition will invite guests to „risk it all“ and take a stand for or against something.


The interactive wall painting project themed: „I Was Born to Rage against Them“, will portraz a communal artwork to the theme of Demonstration and Public Protest. Artists will work live during the Opening night of 48 Stunden Neukölln to complete the artwork. Guest of the Werkstadt will be invited to take inspiration and express themselves on the remaining exhibition room walls.


Second, Photography and Object installation­ „Demo Style“

In order to identify oneself with a certain standpoint, one must relate a clear message to his or her surrounding. Recognising this development of external symbolization of revolution and protest, or „branding“ the exhibition will explore what it is that makes these symbols so important.


„Demo Style“ will present a collection of worldwide current demonstration Accessories and self expression Styles through external appearances, that have developed into Identifying Symbols of Revolution and Protest.


Yam Benyamini- is a Berlin based artist-illustrator-animator with a B.A. in Interactive Media Design. Yam is the creator of a Print and Online Art- Zine presenting hers as well as many other Berliner Artists works. quote:"I create works to shock the viewer in a semi- humorous way. I find it interesting to try to catch the viewer off guard. My work consist of animation and videos, illustrations and paintings, all using mix media. there is also use of a lot of found materiel in my works as critique of consumption culture".