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Javiera gonzález zarzar

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Sun, 16 May 2021 - Thu, 10 Jun 2021

Location WerkStadt, Emser Straße 124, 12051 Berlin

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Javiera González Zarzar

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Show Window Exhibition #8:

Fiber Art

17th of May 2021 - 11th of June 2021
Monday through Friday, 10 AM - 5 PM

Emser Str. 124 on the corner of Ilsestr.


The SIMULACRUM exhibition cycle continues with images in our show windows looking out onto the street. As the WerkStadt is not yet able to do exhibitions inside the project space that are open to the public due to COVID-19, fittingly the artworks will look out into the surrounding neighborhood.



"I am a Chilean architect and fiber artist based in Berlin. I link both disciplines by relating construction issues with embroidery craft. I search for the representation of three-dimensionality through the arrangement of color on a grid-like surface.

The core of my ongoing work is based on combining and contrasting the tectonic and expressive qualities of two primary materials. On the one hand, fiberglass mesh, which is a construction element for facades. On the other hand, wool, which is a soft, elastic, and common material.

Using a simple, repetitive stitching technique, I want to express the wool’s haptic and textural quality in contrast to the painted plastic mesh. My aim is to recreate depth by the interaction of color in a three-dimensional canvas space, where color is not composed but constructed by density and transparency."

Javiera González Zarzar



Below in the attachments you can find the exhibition text

*The WerkStadt as an art project space is partially funded (structural costs) in 2020-2021 by the Berlin Senate for Culture & Europe.