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Location Gropiusstadt Waschsalon, Löwensteinring 9a, 12353 Berlin

The Laundromat

Gropiusstadt Art Studios

Starting in September 2014, the WerkStadt opened its second expansion for artist studios. Situated on the ground floor of one of the tall apartment buildings that are part of the Gropiusstadt complex. This building was added to the "model city" originally designed by the Modernist architect Walter Gropius, the founder of the Bauhaus school earlier in the 20th century.


The WerkStadt studios are in the former laundry rooms,  which have been largely unused in the last 20 years and are something of a time capsule of Berlin local history. The studio rooms have decent natural light and are spacious, clean, dry, and warm in the winter.


Location information can be seen in more detail on the map to the left. The space is very close to the U-Bahn stations Lipschitzallee and Johannisthaler Chaussee on the U7 line, and is easily accessable by bicycle or car to anyone living on the southern half of the city.


We are always looking for artists interested in working in this curious kind of space within the city limits of Berlin. Studio availablility changes often, so please contact us for more details to arrange a meeting or get added to the waiting list.


At the moment there are some free studios to rent! If you are interested please write an e-mail at! (get more information in the attachment "Aushang Ateliers Gropiusstadt")